Finance committee assists the pastor and trustees in making financial recommendations to the Parish. We help prepare the annual budget, review expenses, monitor financial condition, help determine salaries and benefits for the parish staff and employees, and promote stewardship in cooperation with the Stewardship Committee. We meet the second Tuesday of each month in St. Clare Hall at 7:15 PM.

Coordinator: Rick Gundrum…………….262.689.2509


2017-2018 Committee Updates

Continued review of policies and directives from the Archdiocese in regard to proper reporting and records.
Continued monitoring and growth in the Electronic Giving Program which experienced large usage during our renovation.
Continued cooperation with other committees regarding future planning and budgeting needs.
Completion of annual budget and ongoing review of account balances.
Ongoing review of parish bank balances, investments, and debt reduction.
Ongoing review of the renovation project with the Buildings and Grounds committee/staff.