Middle School Program (Grades 6-8)

  • We learn through both small group discussion and a large group presentation to help us dive deeper into Jesus’ Message and apply the lesson to our lives at the middle school level.
  • In addition to attending the regularly classes, students are required to complete 6 FIAT opportunities. Please see the FIAT page of this website for more information.


  • Sixth and Seventh Grade Curriculum: “Understanding Scripture, becoming familiar with the Stories of Salvation History”. Through reading and discussing the Old Testament Writings, we will come to a greater understanding of our Faith and the purpose of Jesus’ Life, Death and Resurrection.
  • Eighth Grade Curriculum: “Venture”.  Understanding what the Old Testament Stories of our Faith have to do with the New Testament Fulfillment in Jesus Christ.  Making the connections between the Bible and the Church and the Faith we celebrate through the Sacraments.