The Catholic Mass consists completely of ritual. The procedures by which all Catholics follow at Mass, and the components of the Mass, constitute what we call the Liturgy.

In ancient Greece, leitourgia referred to public acts undertaken by citizens for the benefit of the state.

The word Liturgy is fitting for Catholics then because at Mass we undertake our own form of public acts that are pleasing to God. This action consists in the recitation of prayers, responses to invitations by the priest, ministerial work, and much more.

The Liturgy is beautiful because it unites the Catholic Church, and we believe it to be the most fitting way to worship God; in fact, God is present in a very special way during the Liturgy.

We practice a traditional Catholic mass here every weekend at St. Peter, and we stress the idea of praying together as a community on the weekends.

We call the layout of the Mass the Liturgy, and it is a fundamentally important aspect of our Church. The Liturgy ensures that all Catholics celebrate the same, so that we can all be members of a Universal Church.


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